Hi there.  I’m Peter Scargill and this is my photography blog. I expect it will fill up with photos and stuff about taking photos – for example photographic tools.

The site is for enthusiasts. I make no attempt to follow the norms of professional photography – I do what works for me. If you take a look at my Flickr Albums they will hopefully speak for themselves.

So – why would you want to take advice from a stranger? Bear with me and I will explain. I am 62 years old and first took an interest in SLR (single lens reflex) photography when I was a teenager.

I got quite fanatical about photography at the time, I had a little darkroom with enlarger, I had a very friendly chemist who was kind enough to sell me all the chemicals I needed to make up my own developer and fixer solutions and being on a budget I had a thing about taking monochrome (black and white) picture using some old surplus Ilford film of which I’d been lucky enough to get my hands on a large reel which kept me going for months.

I recall taking my new camera along to the photograph club in Tynemouth (Northumberland, UK) to the dismay of a bunch of old boys who did not seem too impressed that a youngster would want to join their club. Set in their ways, they did the same old stuff every meeting and were not that open to ideas. The first competition I entered, I won I think 3rd place but that wasn’t enough to keep me interested in doing things the old way. I’ve been trying out new stuff ever since.

From those days I’ve had a succession of cameras and moved into the digital age very early on (hence the 7000+ photos on Flickr).

In this blog I’ll likely talk about taking photos with mobile phones (yes you CAN) and life without Photoshop (yes you CAN) – I currently use an HTC One M8 which with the right software takes excellent pictures – on the other hand I also have the Nikon P900 – the one that takes moon closeups – so I have the best of both worlds.

Something I discovered as a got a little older is that there’s a good chance of you are reading this and interested in photography, you are also interested in electronics – if that is the case you could also take a look at my technical blog – or if you want to know more about me – by all means visit my main personal blog in the UK or maybe you could be tempted to look at our Spanish site – my wife Maureen and I have a cave-home in Spain.

I hope you find the blog interesting.