Hi there.  I’m Peter Scargill and this is my photography blog. I expect it will fill up with photos and articles about taking photos – for example photo tools for modern Android and IOS Smartphones, PCs and more. Don’t expect to see Mac coverage though. I don’t do Mac.

This blog is for enthusiasts. I make no special attempt to follow strict norms of professional photography – I do what works for me. If you take a look at my Flickr Albums they will hopefully speak for themselves.

So – why would you want to take advice from a stranger? Bear with me and I will explain. I am 65 years old and first took an interest in SLR (single lens reflex) photography when I was in my early teens.

I got quite fanatical about photography at the time, I had a little darkroom with photo enlarger and I had a very friendly chemist who was kind enough to sell me all the chemicals I needed to make up my own developer and fixer solutions. Being on a budget I had a thing about taking monochrome (black and white) picture using some old surplus Ilford film and was lucky enough to get my hands on large reels which lasted me for ages.

I recall taking my new Pentax along to the photograph club in Tynemouth (Northumberland, UK) to the dismay of a bunch of old boys who did not seem too impressed that a youngster would want to join their club. Set in their ways, they did the same old stuff every meeting and were not that open to new ideas. The first competition I entered, I won some kind of prize but that wasn’t enough to keep me interested in doing things the old way. I’ve been trying out new stuff ever since.

From those days I’ve had a succession of “proper” cameras but then moved into the digital age very early on (hence my photo count on Flickr approaching 9,000). As you might imagine from above, as a member of the local photo club here in Southern Spain I do my best to introduce or promote new ideas.

Pocophone back camerasIn this blog I’ll likely talk about taking photos with half-decent mobile phones (yes you CAN) and life largely without Photoshop (yes you CAN) – I have owned a succession of phones from Nokia, Apple iPhone through Samsung, HTC, Cubot, Doogee, Umidigi and many more. Today I focus entirely on Android and like to be bang up to date, so I currently use the excellent MIUI-based Xiaomi PocoPhone F1 which, with the right software, produces excellent photo-results. I recently sold my Nikon P900 – the one that takes great moon close-ups and replaced it with the powerful but pocket-sized Panasonic DMC-TZ70 – so I have the best of both worlds while avoiding carrying a bulky camera – not a lot of fun in Spanish summer heat.

Something I’ve known for may years is that there’s a good chance if you are reading this and are interested in photography, you are likely also interested in electronics and general gadgets – if that is the case you could also take a look at my technical blog – or if you want to know more about me – by all means visit my main personal blog in the UK. Maybe you could be tempted to look at our Spanish site. As well as having a home and office in the UK, my wife Maureen and I own a cave-home here in Southern Spain.

I hope you find the photo blog interesting.