Deep Art Effects

No, not a new idea but an APP for Android (and probably IOS but as I’m not an Apple user I didn’t check that out).

"Deep Art Effects" App for Android and IOS

The idea behind the “Deep Art Effects” package is not new, I’ve been using PRISMA for years to cartoonify or otherwise enhance photos but I’ve only just discovered this winner and almost immediately gave them my financial support. The package offers a wide range of tools for processing your photos and this is one of my favourites. Very little effort is needed to turn a half-decent photo into a work of art (or complete mess depending on your viewpoint).

Sadly the DAE package does not include text effects but I added those in courtesy of the wonderful SNAPSEED which is entirely responsible for my signature box at the bottom right of picture you see here, shot only a few days ago outside of La Universidad in Huescar – near Puebla De Don Fadrique in southern Spain, in brilliant sunshine while out on the search for a decent cup of coffee which we found in this very venue.

Before you ask, yes there is a free version of DAE you CAN pay for the package at which point it becomes completely advert-free and offers more features than the usual Android freebies. I use this on my Xiaomi Pocophone along with the camera package derived from the Pixel 3 phone, another winner.

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