Kinemaster for Android

Who would have thought that you could get even remotely acceptable video editing out of a mobile phone?

For some time now, half-decent mobile phone cameras have been able to make video recordings – in the case of my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 up to 60fps at 4K. There are even phones with decent lenses as well.

The one thing that has been missing is half-decent video editing so I’ve always had to go back to the PC. Well, all of that has now changed.

Kinemaster on the Pocophone

The YouTube video I refer to here is a mere 1080p and is a short technical video describing a new toy from AliExpress. All of that is covered in my tech blog. What may be of interest here is that I made the recording and edited it in only half an hour all-in, using nothing more than my mobile phone and an inexpensive package called Kinemaster – just a few ££s a year to save me having to head back to the PC for editing and video production.

Ok, I could have done a better job of lighting and anti-shake – but I was in a hurry – and that’s the point. Titling, fading, cutting and sound boosting is all in there and there are so many tools I’ve not even touched yet. Click on the YouTube link above to see the video. Others will follow and will be a lot better – but it’s a start.

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