Painting Effects

I used this number in one of my blogs recently and of course the first thing that happened was people asking how this was done.   So the photo was taken this morning in the town centre, a particularly quiet morning with only a couple of people about. There’s a very continental look about this particular part of town and I wanted to capture that without familiar faces. Smart Photo Editor is an inexpensive PC package which offers a huge number of “preset” effects for photos – but not so simple that you can’t customise them if you wish. Community-maintained there are new filters arriving all the time – and so…
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The camera never lies, or does it?

I should stress at the beginning that I am neither a doctor nor an optician so if I use the wrong terms, consider the source. I have, however, been fascinated by photography since getting my first SLR a quarter century ago. They say “the camera never lies”. There is a world of difference between the camera and your eye and I will use that to challenge the above statement (ignoring of course the wider truth that some “CGI” is now indistinguishable from reality – and if you still believe that CGI is not “real” take a look at this stunning piece of video - the first few seconds (after the…
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Removing Objects from Photographs in Gimp

The title says GIMP but I’ll cover other packages in here – read on. Normally I put photos in my blogs and leave the reader to wonder how i made them. I’ve uploaded approaching 8,000 photos to Flickr over time and that’s just a small selection of the pics I’ve taken over the past 50 years (digital since 1998) – that’s a lot of photo clean-ups. From the dawn of digital photography I’ve been trying out different tools to enhance my pictures and in these pages I’ll describe some of them. Anyway, here’s a quick tip. Let’s say you’ve taken a holiday photo and there’s something (or someone) in the…
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