Panasonic TZ70

Well, I’ve been threatening to sell the wonderful but heavy Nikon P900 for some time now and finally I did it. Instead, I’ve bought the pocket sized TZ70 from Panasonic. I must say, I had reservations but this class of camera (with some exceptions) has moved on in recent years mainly, I’m guessing, due to advances in mobile phone and the features they offer. I would not now touch a camera without WiFi but even more importantly, easy to use WiFi and the TZ70 has not disappointed, nor has the powerful zoom therein.

While being small enough to fit into my pocket, the camera has a very decent 30x optical zoom with anti-shake and it is simple to bulk transfer images to my phone and hence onto Facebook, Flickr and OneNote. All this with a half-decent size lens. Panasonic deliberately dropped the pixel count on this model from that of it’s predecessor, down to 12Mpx, the benefit being larger pixels – better for night photography. I won’t bore you with the full run-down on the camera – I got my info from here –

Rock of Gibraltar Panorama

The photo above was taken last week at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. We had a great day-trip. No bargains in the shops but the scenery, as always, is fabulous. It takes a lot to prize me away from my phone but with results like this I see me spending a lot of time with the TZ70 in the future.

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