Traditional photography, modern phone or AI art?

My last “Real” camera is gone – so that’ll lose me some viewers – I no longer see the point (for me anyway). I’ve recently splashed out on the Samsung S22 Ultra – a pocket masterpiece in more ways than one. Here is one of my first feeble attempt at a sunset – not even using the highest definition lens. First off – straight from the phone – during my recent trip to Alicante (Torrellano to be precise)… early morning view 5 minutes after I got out of bed at the hotel Areca on the edge of Torrellano…

Hotel in Torrellano - real photo from S22 Ultra phone

Given the heat we had here in Southern Spain in the summer of 2022 – carrying around an actual camera has not been on my list of priorities.

Girl on  a beach in the sun with an umbrella - MidJourney

Meanwhile you may increasingly see the odd “AI art” item in here as the many developers working on this are getting better by the day and the results are rapidly competing with artists – soon they will begin to compete with real holiday snaps. For those of you familiar with “Discord” – head on over there and check out “Midjourney” and leave a message in one of their “newbie” rooms – easy…

I simply keyed in the words (not including the quotes but including that leading SLASH) “/imagine a realistic girl on a beach in the sun with an umbrella” and out popped this set on the left – seriously..

And finally “/imagine a hotel in Benedorm full of people and green cats” not QUITE what I had in mind – but interesting.

AI hotel in Benedorm full of people and green cats - MidJourney

I’m sure SOME unwitting soul would pay good money if I had a famous name and claimed to draw these – imagine next year’s street art… Ok, I’ll stick with the S22 phone camera for now 馃檪

And as for my attempt at a cavehome with a cat… using DALL-E 2 AI image generator – the cave isOK but if my cat looked like that I’d be VERY worried…

Cavehome with CATS using DALL-E 2

I have to say, MidJourney does a better job, albeit, my best results generally involve Alien Landscapes..

MidJourney Alien Landscape

Ok, I got another burst of creative energy tonight using DALL-E 2 ….

“Ultra-Realistic multi-storey detailed cavehome in rustic surroundings, in southern Spain on a sunny day with trees .” and the result…

No more.. I promise..

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